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Mudjimba, Old Woman Island

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Un-Patrolled NO SWIMMINGNo Dogs Magestic Views

View 360 Degree Panoramic View from Coolum Mountain.

Mudjimba Island also known as Old Woman Island is situated 1 km off the mainland and is accessible by boat. Diehard local surfers have been known to paddle the half an hour, over a very deep hole filled with an abundance of marine life to reach the island. Do not attempt the paddle under any circumstances. Aboriginal dreamtime tells the story of Mudjimba Island creation. The story of two mighty men Coolum and Ninderry and a woman named Maroochy. In a climatic battle Ninderry knocked Coolum’s head from his shoulders into the sea to lie where it is today as Mudjimba Island.

FEATURES:No facilities exist on the Island. An old broken down cabin sits majestically under the pandanus palms with perfect views of the waves.
SURFING:Mudjimba Island has a left and a right point break. The right tends to be a quicker and heavier wave, though wave quality largely depends on swell and wind direction. Both breaks should only be surfed by an experienced surfer. The bottom is rocky and sharp, stay away from the outer point on the rights, the barnacles are two feet long and can really do some damage. If attempting to surf this break accompany a local and seek advice.
FISHING:To fish Mudjimba Island you'll need a strong ocean going boat, access via mooloolaba river your safest option. Mackeral, Taylor, Tuna, and all reef fish can be caught around the island. When the swell and wind is low, fish around the front (open sea side of the Island) as close as you can get to the rocks for the best quality reef fish you will find anywhere.
WALKING:There is no way to get onto Old Woman Island safely, its best just admired from the safety of your boat or from the Mudjimba beach.

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North-east side of Mudjimba IslandThe Island is only for the experienced wave rider